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GP7A News: Who is the Front-runner for What Gubernatorial Elections When 

Published May 10, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A | United States | Gubernatorial Elections | 2018 | Frontrunner | Candidates | Republican | Democrat | #Tapthevote

GP7A News: 2018 Voters' are asking. "Who is the Frontrunner for Governor 2018"? Who will lead their state to victory? A Republican, Democrat, Independent (the fastest growing voter registration), Libertarian, Green Party, Unity Party. No matter the party affiliation. One thing is for certain. The Gubernatorial Elections for 2018, is going to be epic. There are 36 states going to ballot for each Governor's race"." Who are you going to vote for as your next Governor in your state. -Marcus Giavanni

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Governor Front Runner: What Frontrunners on Google Organic Search Results

This article you are about to read is an Algorithm Test. If you see a typo, or two let us know. Gain some Google Love, by helping. Asking questions, why we write like this. Many subject, back and forth intertwined content. To be used as triggers, for future Google Searches. Remember Google only has 10 ranking spots. And up to 8 paid Ads. Anyone can pay to be placed on 1st page. It's those who are organically ranking for free. Based on rich relevant content. That not only you can read. But also, be read by the spiders, crawling the entire Google Browser. Looking for positive, uplifting, encourage, educating, sharing everything. We call it Innovation, Love, and Peace …want some!

GP7A News: How to Search for a "Governor Frontrunner 2018" on Google Organic Results. DO you know what SERP means? It means Search Engine Results Pages. But we call it Google Organic Search Results GOSR. GOSR also stands for "Governor Office Storm Recovery (GOSR)," Our system of applications and platforms, designed by Marcus Giavanni in 2011. Are now, leading search results, as per our alorithm studies. These digital technology systems, are developed to bring together. Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and First Responders. It also calls for an Annex we call our system the “Eisenhower Annex”. When Marcus Giavanni ran for a Write-in candidate for Governor of Colorado in 2014. Then, candidate Marcus Giavanni, knew, that the current Emergency Management Preparedness System in Colorado had to be Digitally Designed. And he knew, most people, would not know what he was speaking about. And Thus, Marcus Giavanni went on his way to speak to many City Public Works, and first responders throughout the 63 counties of Colorado.

The professional Jealousy, explains why. Colorado has not reached its full potential. On true innovated ideas, and developments. And if You’re not a Democratic supporter, you, your idea, and your business. Will soon see financial ruins. This holds true for the Republican Party. These two ideologies, are not only stagnating the conversations around these two parties. Of, HATE, Despair, Divided, Suppressed, Corrupt, Tom Foolery, Rewards for Loyalty. Democrats are good at this. Check the city and counties 700+ Departments. Yes, Denver has over 700 Departments, for their 154 square miles of Governance. To which 50+ Square Miles are DÍA Expansion Land. Even though Denver has no more land, and no more land available through annexing. SO, this leaves 100 Square Miles, for 700+ Departments, for all their friends, and loyalist subordinates. (When I’m elected THIS WILL STOP).

To know the State of Colorado, is to know the state of mind of the capital City and county of Denver. Thus, again, why 63 counties in Colorado. Need to clean up, their #1 Denver. The next governor of Colorado will have to tell the Truth about the Nonpartisan Law of the City and County of Denver.

They will no longer, be able to just sweep everything under the table, kiss a few babies, shakes the hands of the desperate Voters. Looking for anyone that will do what they say. And bring Integrity back to our Colorado Moral System. And to continue to be Obtuse to the Voters’, election, after election.

Marcus Giavanni, Google Developer. It’s his Job to create content, anyway he can. By the Authority of Google. To bring to the Top Organic Search. The most reliable, relevant verified content to the Top ranking of SERP or GOSR.

For those who have received those long diatribe emails from Giavanni. Are not by accident. In Fact, if you did receive an email from Marcus Giavanni. Or any of his Internet Assets. Whether you open it or not. All He must do, is send the email. And it will be indexed. Marcus Giavanni follows all Google+ Law Authority content submission rules.

If you did open the email, and then did not respond, to an open request, that started from a person’s website. Now, it’s what you do after you read it. Is where the FUN begins. For every Marcus Giavanni submit for content, will, and most of the time, his content will be seen on the first pages of Google Images, and Google Videos Assets. When you learn about Google authorship. (Everyone back in 2011) declined to follow. And thought they could manipulate, Google. For these expert SEO companies. From learning the real Google+ System. And who can submit content, and by what authority.

Marcus Giavanni’s verified content, is verified by first person, not a company. Most people sign up under their companies. You need to sign up as a single person. For the first authority, it’s best to always sign up 1st person, person first. If you don’t have that opportunity. Then 2nd authority in Entity.  

Remember, Google’s semantic sech results are all about relevancy, and Google authorship. Do you recall the Algorithm changes like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin. They really cleaned up the spoofers’, and scammers.


Yes, now in 2017 it’s not just SEO any more. Remember, the algorithm change, and the Google Authorship. Those companies, and experts, did not want to learn Google All over again.

These people are 6 years behind. The Google Authorship conversation.

Thus, you won’t hear much from the so-called experts, talk about Marcus Giavanni. Because, then their clients will learn. They have been paying thousands of dollars a month. For high rent companies. And get little results. Now you know. Why you, your products, and services. Are not being found, beyond your companies searched name. And then, you must consider, how many people in your area, are offering the same products and services you are. And your SEO company, is known using your ideas. To go after your competitor.

This holds true for politics. And all those industry insiders, pollsters, strategist, public relations, and Marketing consultants. If they are not Google Verified, you might as well take your money. And go to Vegas.

Now, here is how to learn about the Who Governor, What Governor, When Governor, and Where Governor. About the Frontrunner and Frontrunners for Governor.

What most candidates don’t know. The person they chose, to Manage their entire content, Could, do you more harm than Good.   Google authorship is everything. The more authoritive subject bucket list you have, brings more content authority, or Google Authorship, Google grants to the end user submitting Google Verified Content. So many candidates get tricked by young, unauthored content providers. Why would 50-year-old candidate ask a 25-year-old. To build his content, and submit it on Google.  How many topics, or subjects, does a 25-year-old have in his Bucket list of authoritive subject matters. School is great, but experience, knowledge, and being a Google Developer. Priceless.

Marcus Giavanni has developed trigger content algorithms. Used during Google Voice Indexing. Read you agreement with Google. It explains everything, but when you finish. You might want to read it again, for it’s always updating new content.

These trigger, react, during conversations, to be stored later. If the Peron or persons, who are conversing. Do not Google Search, or Ask Google, to search it for you. ASAP.

What happens before the actual search, Google uses spiders, and crawlers to search the entire Google browser for the Top pertinent information. So, when a person is ready to search. The best organic content will already be indexed on the first page up to 10 listings.

Now, you’ll also see, paid ads. They are at the top and bottom of the Google Organic Page. When you see the paid ads, and you don’t see their organic content. In the same page. This candidate, has, no clue, nor, does his/her campaign expert SEO company.

If they are good you should always focus on Organic, then on Google AdWords. Most people, including some Google Developers. Have no clue to the Formula of mixing Google Organic with Google AdWords.

Let’s take Who is the Frontrunners For Governor of Colorado in 2018

Colorado Governor Frontrunners 2018. 

Governor Frontrunner 2018, 

Frontrunner 2018

What you just saw was Google Top searches. The candidate you want to VOTE for. Is the one you see on the first page. It can’t be the news agencies, or blogs. It must be the actual candidate’s website. For this tells you. How efficient, and how smart your candidate is. To let everyone, know, just how much your candidate knows technology. Or, has the wisdom, and knowhow, to find the team, that will give that candidate the edge to be on the first page of SERPs and GOSR.

This information will tell you a lot about the candidates running for Governor. Or any Office for that Matter. Especially, when a person holds he/she as technology savey. Guess What THEY ARE NOT!

Even if a person is not Technology savvy.  They could be savvy enough to find the right Experts. Now, if their experts can’t do what they say. Then they both garnish a Black Hat of sorts. The essential point for the future of all 36 governor races. We are a Technology driven digital World. You don’t have to know everything to be on Top of Google’s World. But you better, have the savvy, and wisdom to pitch your right company submitting your content. For if your formal is wrong, then your wrong choice to be the next candidate of anything. Or have anyone donate money to your already failed campaign. Period!

For at the end of the Day, it’s all about the search, and those who are authorized by Google or you. To submit content on your subject matter. Believe it, or not! For those candidates and/or campaign managers authorizing, trolling of other Gubernatorial candidate’s websites, looking for tidbits, be careful. Google Knows everything, about Google browser. Google is not going to lose their relevancy because of Fake, Bias News, commentary, and fake candidates, claiming to be, an do things Google knows they can’t. So, these candidates will

Be spinning you around, like record bay, ride round, round… if you let them. Guard that Money, funding to many primary candidates. Could cost you all the election. The big worry, nobody considered, is the Independent Voters get to Vote in the Primaries, and They don’t have to give any money during the primaries, held June 2018.

That’s why, they are independent. This will be the new leader for cleaning up our Democracy in all 50 states. Remember this, Google does not trust you, or your content you will not rank. Period  


 Google has verified this content.


Good Luck! – Marcus Giavanni



Published 6.12.2017 3:14 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Google | Organic | Search | Results | Candidate | Frontrunners | Gubernatorial Elections | 11.06.2018

Governor Colorado 2018: Trending, frontrunners who "EP" Ed Perlmutter urrent ongressman, and former Senator

Published Published on Jun 5, 2017 by Marcus Giavanni | Youtube 

GP7A News: What, "Frontrunner for Governor" is "Ed Perlmutter" for, "Colorado Governor frontrunner in 2018"." Election is 11.6.2018, does, Who, the Front-runners??? "Candidate Ed Perlmutter" is running for Colorado Governor in 2018"." (D), Democrat Governor in Colorado in 2018"." And Front runners Republican George Brauchler is running for who, candidate "Governor of Colorado 2018". Frontrunners George Brauchler frontrunner Republican front, is the Frontrunner for Republican candidate for Colorado Governor for 2018”.” Did you hear about #TaptheVote"." Leaving room for Cary Kennedy, to beat Jared Polis the candidate who knows it all, has done it all. And now, wants 100% Renewable energy by 2040. Now that he's been learning all the ways to now block Oil and Gas, to further Jared Polis's vision of 100% Renewable Energy. The #1 killer for his future renewable out look of 100%"."

"Update 7.11.2017: GP7A News and Marcus Giavanni 2019 Frontrunners Ed Perlmutter Democrat Drop, Quits Governor's Race for Colorado 2018 Governor. Why did Front runner Ed Perlmutter a Democratic Candidate for Colorado Governor in 2018; drops Out and Quits the campaign for Governor Colorado 2018"." #Tapthevote

 Marcus Giavanni, and former Senator Ed Perl Mutter: Drops out and quits the Race for Governor for 2018

Published on Jul 12, 2017 11:18 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | | United States | Gubernatorial 
Election | Shake-Up | Rep Ed Perlmutter Drops Out | Health, Lack of Money, Lack of Energy, or the Desire to fight, and to Win!

ED Perlmutter: Breaking News front runner Ed Perlmutter Drops Out as next Governor of Colorado 2018. When we say front runner, we mean frontrunner Congressman Ed Perlmutter Front runner Ed Perlmutter Drops Out as the next Governor of Colorado 2018.

Did Ed Perlmutter really Drop Out, and up and Quit the Governor’s Race as next ... Governor of Colorado 2018 Gubernatorial Election 2018 Colorado published 7.12.2017 8:47 Am  ... are all reasons cited for Ed's mass exodus to the door! ... The conversation algorithms say that Rep Ed Perlmutter took one for the team! With Cary Kennedy being the city and county of Denver Government and 95,000 Voters All want Cary Kennedy to be Governor. 

(Though we know the Google analytics don't support a Cary Kennedy Governorship. Period. But the Democratic Establishment is working hard to manipulate their ) ... are all reasons cited for Senator Ed Perlmutter mass exodus to the door! GP7A News: Why such a dash for the exit door 3 months after being dubbed the front runner for the democratic party. Even though all Google analytics predicted Ed Perlmutter a decisive winner at the end of election night on 11.6.2018. SMO Guru Marcus Giavanni has warned that Google can’t predict Human Emotions, faster than, a human’s emotion, to go the opposite direction of a candidate's desire to just quit! All though Marcus Giavanni did see something arising over the last several weeks. That would not allow Marcus Giavanni, to place the front runner tag on “Ed Perlmutter’s web page at 

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Governor of Colorado Front Runner: 2017 George Brauchler Quits Governor's Race November 13, 2017 Enters Colorado Attorney General Race 2018

Published Jan 29, 2018 4:22 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Governor of Colorado | Front Runner 2017 | George Brauchler | Quits Race | Enters Attorney General Elections 2018

George Brauchler: ... "On November 13, 2017 the unthinkable happened. Republican Front runner 2018 and 1st place Republican straw pole winner. George Brauchler; decided to fly the coup. When Tom Tancredo entered the race. For some reason, only know by a few. Who would have ever thought. DA George Brauchler would just quit.

The George of his jungle. would just up and quit the race. Though, it seemed harsh, and voters where crushed. But when you think of it. George i Brauchler is better suited for AG. More on this Later. Nevertheless, the powers to be. Want you think because they say a candidate is the front runner. Does not make it fact! That rhetoric is debunked by advance algorithms. Decided to Quit, like Ed Perlmutter and Tom Tancredo Quit! - Marcus Giavanni

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